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Yong Junhyung Fly to Hawai?  (2 days ago )
angel_risus : #YoonDooJoon #SonDongWoon #YongJunHyung #YangYoSeob #Beast #비스트 #두준 #준형 #동운 #Hawaii Daebak!!! OMG!!! I just flew in the same plane with Beast!! Nothing special but I was kind of surprised… CR : angel_risus ( instagram ) via B2ST Lovers (FB)
 did he?

오늘은 모자도 선물 받았네요! 긋럭!I got this hat as a gift today! Good Luck!

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seobie cute dance

He’s back!

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B2utys singing ‘Thanks To’ to B2st. This is such a precious moment.

cr: 17komu17

awe. I wish I was here.

I never thought there will be Dongseob?


14/08/15 Beautiful Show 2014 cr: leader_878992

Omygee! can they please…..

yoseob Backstage Boxing!